Surf or Paddle Surf initiation lesson

Live a unique experience surfing your first waves. No matter your level, we adapt to you and help you reach the goals of Surf or SUP in waves by providing you with the necessary knowledge to:

  • Entry to water safely.
  • Rowing and laying on top of table.
  • Surpassing waves.
  • Standby positions in the table. Turn the table.
  • Take the wave. Take-off and adoption slip position: natural and goofy.
  • Slip in the wave.
  • I quit the wave.
  • Departure of the wave. Falls.
  • Return to shore.


SURF or Paddle Surf initiation lesson:

The class are two hours and consist of:

  • General heating
  • Theoretical.
  • Practice.
  • Work objectives according to level.
  • Feedback

Includes all material: Board, wetsuit, leash, etc.


We have showers, dressing rooms and lockers.


The sessions can be consumed any day from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00.



1 person:  45 euros / person

2 persons:  40 euros /person

3 - 4 persons:  35 euros /person

5 ó + persons:  30 euros/person

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